When Will Classroom CPC Be Allowed Again?

For those who prefer to complete classroom-based CPC training, it has been quite a tricky year. In the interests of protecting candidates from COVID-19, it was ruled that all CPC training must be completed remotely. Since then, the UK Government has unveiled it’s roadmap for the re-opening of the country. This leaves us with the question of in-person courses, and when they will be permitted again.


The Latest Update on Classroom CPC Training

The Government’s roadmap, published at the end of February, didn’t cover the re-opening of the classroom . However, this week, the DVSA has confirmed an anticipated date for the return of classroom-based CPC training. These courses are now expected to re-commence on the 12th of April 2021. This will also include the re-opening of courses based in-vehicle.

While for the most part, the remote training has been a success, this should come as good news to those more comfortable completing their training in-person. If you have been waiting for the classroom to re-open before completing your training, you can book your course by clicking here.


Keeping You Safe

We will offer the choice of either method of attendance, but for those who choose to attend physically, we will be continuing to take extra measures to make our premises as COVID-secure as possible. As an example of some of the measures that we have been taking, we have been:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning surfaces more often than usual
  • Requesting a quick temperature test as candidates enter at the start of the course
  • Reducing class sizes, to ensure that there can be ample space between candidates

These are just three examples out of our extensive policy. For a full list of measures that we have taken, and how individual course types are affected by the current rules, you should ready our Coronavirus Update by clicking here.

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