These Are Strange Times!

As the situation regarding the Coronavirus continues, the training industry is impacted in various ways. Where possible, we will continue to run our courses as planned, with as many protectionary measures implemented as possible.

Training is currently impacted in the following ways:

Our Classroom

To keep you as safe as possible, we have made a number of changes in our classroom.

  • Classroom capacity reduced to 12.
  • Masks required in communal areas, such as the entry foyer.
  • On entry, we will request to check your temperature, and if you can take an anosmia test (This is essentially a sniff test, to check for sense of smell, using a cup of water vs a cup of white vinegar).
  • Refreshments such as tea and coffee will be provided by your instructor, to your liking.
  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout the premises.
  • The classroom is cleaned and disinfected more often than usual.


  • Currently, only remote ADR training is allowed to take place, over platforms like Google Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • As classroom attendance is currently not allowed, the exams cannot be completed.
  • Effectively, this means that you may complete the training remotely, but cannot actually sit the exams until a later date. If you are happy to complete your training this way, we will of course offer a free-of-charge recap before the exam.

Driver CPC

  • “Essential” classroom CPC training is currently still allowed.
  • Remote training is allowed.


  • Theory tests are currently not being delivered.
  • The Practical assessment can still take place. Rather than the assessor being present in the cab with you, they will instead follow in a separate vehicle.


  • DGSA training is still being delivered remotely.

Specialist Training

  • These courses are currently not being delivered.

If you have any questions at all about how training is currently affected, please don’t hesistate to get in touch. Our phonelines and contact forms are still monitored as usual.