About Us

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide training and materials of a much higher standard than can be found anywhere else, at a reasonable price. We are proud of our courses and of the expertise of our instructors, and so as well as delivering training in our classroom, we are also open to travelling to your premises to deliver our courses, wherever you are based in the UK.

Our courses are written and delivered by ex-drivers with decades of experience in the transport industry, and to ensure that we meet our aim of delivering training to an excellent standard, we regularly update our materials to make sure that they are as accurate and engaging as possible.

Getting Started

Altrain ADR was founded 2008 by tanker drivers working for P&O and Wincanton on the BP Castrol contract, who felt that there was room for improvement in the standard of training that was being delivered. 

Having had decades of experience and detailed knowledge of the industry, we were able to develop a new course which was tailored towards being relatable and useful to drivers. 

We got started by providing in-house training for BP, who wished for their site to be renowned as a centre for excellence in ADR. 

We quickly found our footing, and by 2009, after a lengthy elimination process, we were announced as the sole provider of ADR and Driver CPC training for Unite the Union.

After the closure of the BP Castrol Site later that year, Altrain ADR became a standalone company, and having built a good reputation, we had attracted several major clients such as Suttons and Wincanton Transport.

By 2010, we had started developing more courses, such as our DGSA course, which currently boasts a very successful pass-rate of 83%.

Working Today

Today, we are still delivering our courses to a standard that we can proud of, and we still tailor our courses and materials to be as useful as possible to current drivers and their employers.

Our courses are delivered in our classroom or, if requested, on a company’s premises. Some courses, such as our DGSA course, can also now be attended remotely.


We regularly update all of our existing materials, and are constantly adding to our catalogue of courses. Whether we are delivering ADR, Periodic CPC, DGSA, PDP, or other more specialised training, we are always confident in the quality of our training.

Our courses are always open for booking. You can get in touch, or book your course directly through this website. 

We're Always Ready to Train.