Online ADR Courses Now Available

Thank you to everybody who has enquired about completing their ADR training online with Altrain! Now that we are able once again, we are back to running our training exclusively inside the classroom. For those who have been waiting for a return to physical sessions, you can now book your training by clicking the button below.

Original Article:
This has already proven to be a tricky year to get your training completed. As the government guidance changes, and the industry follows; the rules for training have been moving constantly. However, there is at last some good news for you.


We are pleased to say that ADR training is once again allowed to take place!

For most of January, ADR courses were unable to go ahead as the examinations weren’t permitted. However, with the new guidance given on 27/01/2021, the exams are once again permitted inside the classroom, while the training must be completed remotely. Essentially, this means that we will proceeding with our planned dates for ADR courses.

The training itself will be completed through Google Zoom, while the exams will be completed inside the classroom. As an example, if you were attending an ADR Refresher Course: Monday – Tuesday will be completed remotely, and Wednesday will be attended in-person.


Will There Be Another ADR Extension?

Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a further ADR Extension in the UK. If you were covered by last year’s extension, your card will expire on 01/03/2021. We know this means that the training will have to be last-minute for a lot of drivers, but this is sadly out of everybody’s hands. To get your training completed, book your course by clicking here.


We’ll Keep You Updated

Check back here for any future news. As soon as anything changes, we will be sure to let everybody know. In the meantime, we hope everybody is able to stay safe!

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