DGSA 2022 Exam Dates

The 2022 DGSA exam dates have now been published - with the first enrolment window opening later this month, we’ve released the dates of our 5-day DGSA training course.

SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) have now announced the DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) 2022 exam dates. The first exam of 2022 is scheduled for the 3rd of March, with enrolment for the exam opening later this month on the 28th of November.

Why Become a DGSA?

Becoming a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor has always been an admirable objective, and comes with a host of benefits, whether it is completed by an individual looking to offer their services or simply add to their industry expertise, or by a company looking to reduce their costs by having an in-house advisor.

DGSA Training

To prepare for the exams, Altrain ADR hosts a 5-day DGSA training course, specifically focused on the Road, Core and All Classes of Dangerous Goods modules of the DGSA exam, which we usually schedule to run the week before any given DGSA exam. Our course covers the key points you would expect, such as:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a DGSA
  • Marking up the ADR Volumes
  • ADR Regulations
  • Exam preparation, including mock tests

All of our courses are delivered by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors with years of experience in the industry, so you can always be sure that our instructors are up-to-date, and knowledgable.

After completing your training with us, the exam itself will be hosted directly by SQA.

What Are The DGSA Dates?

The DGSA training and exam dates, and booking dates, have now been revealed:

Training DatesExam DatesEnrolments OpenEnrolments CloseLate Enrolments Close*
21 – 25 February 202203 March 202226 November 202110 February 202217 February 2022
06 – 10 June 202216 June 202204 March 202226 May 202202 June 2022
05 – 09 September 202215 September 202217 June 202225 August 202201 September 2022
14 – 18 November24 November 202216 September 202203 November 202210 November 2022

*SQA charge a late enrolment fee for anybody who enrols after the usual cutoff.

How Do I Get Started As A DGSA?

To get started as a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, you can book a place on our next course, and register a place on the closest DGSA exam. You will also need access to paperback copies of the ADR Volumes.

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