Who Needs Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) Training?

The Petroleum Driver Passport initiative applies to drivers who load and offload at fuel terminals, and those who transport fuel. PDP is renewed on a five year cycle, but has an annual refresher requirement in order to keep your certificate valid.

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What Is The Petroleum Driver Passport?

The Petroleum Driver Passport is a haulage industry initiative, backed by the Government, to confirm that drivers have achieved the required standard necessary to load at fuel terminals and to transport fuel as a petroleum tanker driver.

How Does The Course Work?

In order to become qualified, you must complete the initial PDP qualification. After this, you will be qualified for five years, and will be required to complete an annual refresher course in order to stay valid. At the end of your five year qualification, you will then need to complete another initial course, and this will then carry on for as long as you wish to remain qualified.

The PDP qualification is broken down into two elements: Theory, and Practical. These two elements will also be a part of both your Initial course, as well as your Refresher courses. 

Interior of Altrain ADR classroom, which has been prepared for an upcoming training course.


This element takes place inside our classroom over the course of up to 3.5 hours. We will cover the key aspects of PDP theory, including: safe loading & unloading of the vehicle, safe driving and practices, and appropriate vehicle checks.


There will also be an exam at the end of the course for which we will ensure that you are as ready as possible.

As we are approved for Online exams, you can also receive your results immediately. 

Whether you need an Initial or a Refresher course, you can book yourself onto the same course, as they are run simultaneously.

No Card Required.


This element takes place onboard the vehicle. While we supply an assessor, the vehicle will need to be supplied by the driver or employer. 

The Practical element essentially consists of completing a live load while one of our assessors is present. The key points that will be focused on are: 

  • The pre-drive checks
  • The loading & unloading of the vehicle
  • The handling of the vehicle
A Petroleum Driver Passport practical assessment being completed by a driver, with an assessor from Altrain ADR.

Our assessor can join you wherever you are sent in the UK, whether you are given a local job, or are sent to the other side of the country.

We are quite flexible with booking the Practical Assessments, so please feel free to send us an enquiry with your preferred date, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Course Objectives

Become Qualified

Gain / Retain Proficiency​

Why Choose Our PDP Course?

Our course is written and delivered by members of the industry who have a deep wealth of experience and knowledge in the day-to-day work involved in duel loading and transport. All of our assessors have decades of experience in the subject, and will complete your assessment fairly.

About This Course

How Long Is This Course?

The Theory course takes place over 3.5 hours.

The Practical assessment will vary depending on your load for the day, though there is no minimum or maximum amount of time that this will take place over.

Where Is The Course?

The Theory element is completed in our classroom.

Alternatively, we are also happy to send our instructor to your premises. To do this, there will need to be a minimum of three candidates. If you would like to arrange this, then please feel free to send us an enquiry by clicking here.

The Practical element takes place onboard the vehicle. There is no limit as to where this element takes place, as our assessors can remain with the driver wherever they are sent in the UK.

How Much Is The Course?

Theory Course – £168 Per Candidate

Practical Assessment – Daily Fixed Rate of £250. Whether the assessment takes places over the course of one hour, or several hours, this fee will remain the same.

Training on Your Premises (Minimum of Three Candidates) – £168 Per Candidate, plus travel & accommodation if required.

PDP Practical Booking Enquiry

Questions About Petroleum Driver Passport

As the assessment dates are based on our assessor availability, we are unable to book these through the same method as our other courses. Instead, please feel free to get in touch with us over the phone or through our enquiry form, and we will try our best to accommodate your preferred assessment date.

We cannot provide the vehicle, and can only provide the assessor.

You can complete the Theory or the Practical in any order. After completing one, you will have a set amount of time to complete the other. This amount of time will vary based on your qualification type. To learn more, please click here.