DGSA Training

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Why Take DGSA Training?

Every company involved in the handling of dangerous goods, through road transport, packing, loading & unloading is required to have at least one Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor appointed. 

You may be looking to become an internal DGSA for your organisation, or you may be an individual planning to become an external DGSA consultant. You may even simply be seeking to gain new knowledge or gain an esteemed qualification; either way, our multiple approved and experienced Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors are ready to deliver our DGSA Training Course to you.


Becoming a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

In order to become a DGSA, you will need to:

After passing your exam, you will become a qualified DGSA.

How Does The Training Work?

The DGSA Training Course is a five day course intended to prepare candidates for the DGSA exam. We will normally run our courses two weeks before the exam, and will provide our candidates with expert training and additional training materials. We will also host mock exams during the course, to identify key areas which need to be re-visited in order to maximise your chances of passing the exam.

Our course is written and delivered by experienced Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers who provide this service for multiple large companies, and it covers: Core, Road and All Classes. This course does not cover Rail or Inland Waterways.

In particular, this course will cover:

  • The duties and responsibilities of a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • Classification and identification of dangerous goods
  • Dangerous goods packaging and documentation
  • Vehicle markings
  • Requirements for staff that handle dangerous goods
  • Protection for the environment
  • Legislation and regulations, including ADR
  • Mock exams in preparation for the DGSA examination
ADR Volume being annotated by a candidate during a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor course.

Feedback from our previous courses has shown to us that candidates undertaking this course have found it to be much easier to understand than other courses, with a very good pass rate (currently 83%).

Course Objectives

Pass Your Exam & Become Qualified

Gain Desirable Knowledge

Open New Potential

Why Choose Our DGSA Training?

Our course is written and delivered by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors with a deep wealth of knowledge in the subject, and decades of experience in the industry. We are pleased to have a very high pass-rate for this course, and we will strive to do all we can to ensure that you will also pass your exam.

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Questions About DGSA Training

The DGSA examination is completed separately from the course, and is arranged directly with SQA. You can find the exam dates and venues, and book your place by clicking here.

During the course, we will cover mock examinations to help prepare you for the real exam.

The up-to-date ADR Volumes can be puchased by clicking here.

To complete the DGSA course, there is no requirement to also complete an ADR course.