DGSA Services

Who Requires DGSA Services?

Each company involved in the carriage of dangerous goods, involving the transport, packing and loading & unloading, is required to appoint at least one Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor in order to remain compliant with DGSA regulations.

These advisors can be a part of the company, but as this is not always practical or cost-effective, they can be also be external, for which we are prepared to offer our 24/7 DGSA services to you through our team of highly experienced DGSA’s, and will ensure that your organisation is always fully up-to-date with all regulations.

Our DGSA Services

Our multiple highly qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors are comprehensive in their role, are in place to help you with:

  • Nationwide Support – Wherever you are in the UK, we are happy to help you and can send our assessors to your premises.
  • 24/7 Consultancy – As one of our clients, we will take our duty seriously to assist you with any query, at any time, by making sure that we are available to you whenever we are needed.
  • Annual DGSA Report – You must be provided with a report and visit every year in order to stay compliant, which we will provide you with.
ADR placards lined up together, showing the classes of dangerous goods.
  • Transport Documentation, Labels & Markings – We will make sure that you are fully compliant in these aspects, and will assist with any related queries.
  • Emergency Procedures & Safety Measures – As your DGSA, we will provide effective emergency procedures that can be implemented in the case of any accidents involving dangerous goods. Related to this, we will also make sure that effective safety measures are in place to prevent any accidents from occurring.
  • Checking Vehicles and Equipment – We will ensure that you are provided with the procedures to confirm that all of the equipment and vehicles you use in connection with dangerous goods meet all regulations.
  • Employee Safety – We will endeavour to keep your employees safe and aware in relation to the goods that they are handling, by providing them with detailed operational procedures and instructions, and ensuring that your organisation is always kept up-to-date with all regulations.
  • Sub-Contractor Compliance – As well as making sure that your organisation and employees are compliant, we will also put measures in place to keep any sub-contractors compliant.
  • Security Plan – Where needed, for our clients handling high-consequence dangerous goods; we will help you create and maintain your security plan.
  • Personalised Service Plan – Our services will consist of an initial site visit, where we will ascertain the requirements of your organisation, and will complete a Service Plan that will cover you for everything that you need.

Management of Dangerous Goods Course

For our DGSA clients, we also offer this free-of-charge course, suitable and advisable for managerial and supervisory staff.

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