Dangerous Goods Consignor

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Who Needs Dangerous Goods Consignor Training?

The Dangerous Goods Consignor course is specifically designed to train personnel who are involved in the consignment and forwarding of dangerous goods.

"Persons whose duties concern the carriage of dangerous goods by road shall receive training in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods appropriate to their responsibilities and duties."
ADR Volume 1
Chapter 1.3

This applies to such personnel who are employed by the road vehicle operator or the consignor, personnel who load or unload dangerous goods, personnel in freight forwarding agencies and drivers of vehicles.

 It is our aim for this course that all who attend will be proficient in ascertaining that dangerous goods are classified and authorised for carriage in accordance with ADR.

How Does The Dangerous Goods Consignor Course Work?​

Completed either in the classroom or remotely, this course will cover theory as well as various practical exercises, enforcing the candidate’s knowledge of:

  • The Roles & Responsibilities of a Dangerous Goods Consignor
  • Classification & Authorisation of Carriage
  • Exemptions & Derogations of Dangerous Goods
  • Required Documentation (Including Multi-Modal -DGN)
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Tanker Requirements

Our instructors will take the required time to to ensure that every candidate leaves this course with confidence in these sections, and with the knowledge necessary to carry out the duties of a consignor.

Course Objectives

Become Qualified

Gain / Retain Proficiency​

Become Approved For Training

Why Choose Our Dangerous Goods Consignor Course?

Our course is written and delivered by members of the industry who have a deep wealth of experience and knowledge in the day-to-day work involved in the transportation of dangerous goods. We aim to keep our courses as engaging as possible through interesting topics and practical exercises, and the laid-back atmosphere in our classroom ensures the best learning environment possible.

About This Course

How Long Is This Course?

This course takes place over six hours. If necessary, our instructors will remain with the candidate longer to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the knowledge gained from this course.

Where Is The Course?

How Much Is The Course?

Classroom Attendance – £400 Per Candidate

Remote Attendance – £400 Per Candidate

Training on Your Premises (Minimum of Three Candidates) – £400 Per Candidate, plus travel & accommodation if required.

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