Dangerous Goods Awareness

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Who Needs Dangerous Goods Awareness Training?

Those involved in the packing, loading, unloading, consigning and transporting of dangerous goods are required to be suitable trained and hold a solid knowledge of dangerous goods awareness.

"Persons - whose duties concern the carriage of dangerous goods, shall be trained in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods appropriate to their responsibilities and duties."
ADR Volume 1
Chapter 1.3

While those involved in the carriage of such items are normally covered through their ADR training, the other groups generally still require some form of training in order to remain fully compliant with ADR.

How Does The Dangerous Goods Awareness Course Work?

Taking place in the classroom or remotely, this broad topic can be broken down into:

  • Regulations and legislation
  • The hazards associated with each class of ADR
  • Dangerous goods packaging and storage
  • Markings of both vehicles and dangerous goods
  • Transport documentation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Essential first aid
  • Responses to breaches and hazards
  • Security

Personalised Training Plan

While training is required for those involved in the industry, the exact nature of the training is not specified.

As such, we will agree a personalised training plan with you to ascertain your exact requirements, and to ensure that you are not given dangerous goods awareness training that is irrelevant to your duties. 

Managerial Course

Since the requirements from this type of course can be so variable, many companies may prefer to be able to deliver this course to their own staff. 

This is why we also offer a managerial dangerous goods awareness course.

After completing the managerial course for Dangerous Goods Awareness, you will be provided with the course materials and approval from us to train the drivers and operational staff on dangerous goods security from within the company.

Providing this course under your own approval comes with the significant advantages of:

Cost effectiveness



Whether you choose to continue sending individuals to our premises after completing the Managerial Course, or if you decide to complete the training in-house, is entirely up to you.

Course Objectives

Become Qualified

Gain / Retain Proficiency​

Become Approved For Training

Why Choose Our Dangerous Goods Awareness Course?

Our course is written and delivered by members of the industry who have a deep wealth of experience and knowledge in the day-to-day work involved in the transportation of dangerous goods. We aim to keep our courses as engaging as possible through interesting topics and practical exercises, and the laid-back atmosphere in our classroom ensures the best learning environment possible.

About This Course

How Long Is This Course?

Since this course will be tailored to your needs, the length can vary. If we were to cover all possible aspects of the course, we would expect this course to take eight hours.

Completed in-house under your own approval, the timings will remain the same.

Where Is The Course?

Both our General and Managerial courses can take place on our premises, or remotely via an online platform, such as Google Zoom.

Alternatively, we are also happy to send our instructor to your premises. To do this, there will need to be a minimum of three candidates. If you would like to arrange this, then please feel free to send us an enquiry by clicking here.

Your own in-house courses can be completed on your premises of choice.

How Much Is The Course?

Classroom Attendance – £400 Per Candidate

Remote Attendance – £400 Per Candidate

Training on Your Premises (Minimum of Three Candidates) – £400 Per Candidate, plus travel & accommodation if required.

Certificate for Candidates Trained by Your Approved Instructor – £10 Per Candidate